Terms of Use

By using Lobhob you (the user) understand and agree to the following terms, which we (Lobhob) will try to display in layman’s terms:


You understand the tables and guides on this website are provided “as is” and are organized to help you, the user, become informed and educated about different subjects and hobbies. You also understand that we aren’t perfect and sometimes links might not work and information might be vague or hard to understand. In these cases you, the user, must use your best judgement when deciding to purchase a product that is suggested, and that goes for anywhere on the internet. While we will do our best to improve and maintain all of our information, you must ultimately make the decision on how you will interpret it.


We (Lobhob) are not a retailer. You understand that any product you purchase is tied to the retailer you purchased it from, which is often handled by Amazon or directly with the Amazon-partnered retailer. In other words, if you decide to purchase a pair of headphones (for example) that we recommend and they arrive broken, you must contact the retailer directly (again, we do not sell products, we extensively research and recommend products on Amazon). Additionally, the products we recommend in our tables and guides are the results of extensive research and comparison. None of the table products are endorsements, nor are any guide-related products. If we receive an opportunity to endorse a product in a guide or a sponsor would like to advertise, you (the user) will be made aware of this in the guide. The same goes for any product review - you (the user) will be made aware if we are being paid to review a product.


The guides created on Lobhob are public information that is readily available and accessible for any visitor. You understand that guides can sometimes be confusing, vague, or misleading. You understand that acting on what you deem to be misinformation is your own choice. While we highly encourage you to ask questions in the comments section and/or leave feedback to help us improve guides, we understand that you (the user) will ultimately make their own decisions based on the information they have. We also encourage you to seek additional information if you ever feel confused about a particular topic. The internet is vast and full of helpful resources; use them to empower you as a consumer and a hobbyist.

Data & Privacy

By using Lobhob you understand and agree to our collection of basic information from two sources: Google Analytics and Amazon’s Affiliate program. We (Lobhob) do not offer any information we collect for sale to third-parties, nor do we release any user information to third-parties. We do not collect any extremely personal information such as personal addresses or phone numbers. We only use collected information from Google Analytics and Amazon to make informed business decisions or changes to the content on our website (Lobhob).

Data & Google Analytics

Plain and simple: this website uses Google Analytics to monitor how users (you) interact with pages and content on our website. While this has no impact on how you use the site, it helps us determine which pages and content should be improved, tweaked, removed, etc. Google Analytics tracks data such as how long a user spends on one page and which country a user is from or device a user is using. You can learn more about Google Analytics in their Terms of Service.

Amazon Cookies

Plain and simple: this website uses affiliate links as a business model. This means that most links on this website will use a custom Amazon cookie to track whether or not you decide to purchase a product on Amazon that we (Lobhob) recommend. If you do make a purchase, we receive a small percentage of the total, but this has zero impact on the price of the product(s) you are purchasing. Amazon uses their own tracking to monitor which websites brought you to Amazon’s website, as well as which products you add to your cart and/or purchase. For more information about Amazon’s tracking, please read Amazon’s Conditions of Use.

Questions or Concerns?

If any of the information listed in our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy is making you scratch your head, feel free to send us an email with any questions or concerns you may have.