Using Lobhob is fairly straightforward.

Start on the homepage

Click on "Select a Hobby" to view a list of hobbies and click on a hobby you're interested in.

A table will load that displays all of the fundamental things you need to start that hobby.

Each row is color-coded to indicate a balance of price & quality.

The quality and price of products increase as you move toward the bottom of the table.

Hover over the "Level" cells to learn more about the experience/skill required and items in that row.

Hover over any cell to view a picture of the item and read our custom description.

The average total price is listed for each row in the last column.

Click on any item cell to view the product on a trusted retailer website, primarily Amazon, where you can buy or save the item.

It's that simple.

If you'd like to learn more about each hobby, check out the Guides section.

This features guides created by people with great experience in their resepctive hobbies.

You can also find specific item guides which expands the fundamental items needed for each hobby.

Happy hobbying!