Free Sample Packs & Foley

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Below are some of the more popular resources on the internet for getting free, great quality acapellas.

Acapellas 4 U

Visit site - One of the most widely used resources for free acapellas with helpful user ratings. Limited free monthly downloads but that can be changed by upgrading to paid membership.


Visit site - Similar model to A4U; free limited downloads, but monthly membership grants unlimited access. Nice selection, frequently updated.

Isolated Vocals Subreddit

Visit site - A moderately sized community posting farily high quality acapellas.

DIY with Audacity

Visit site - Strip out vocals manually with Audacity (free) to obtain your desired acapellas. 


Below are some of the more popular resources on the internet for getting free, great quality samples.

Converse Rubber Tracks

Visit site - An exceptionally awesome resource full of thousands of stems, hits, acapellas, patterns, ranging a variety of musical genres and styles. 

Music Radar

Visit site - Amassing over 57,000 free samples, MusicRadar is a landmark resoruce for free samples ranging primarily electronic genres but expanding into others as well. The quality of samples is often reported as pretty good. 


Visit site - A classic collection of drum kits, including the first commerically created drum machine; the Wurlitzer Side Man.

Loopmasters Free Stuff

Visit site - Registering an account (free) gets you 500 mb of free downloads from this widely used sound marketplace. 

Ableton's Free Stuff

Visit site - High quality samples and sounds, including time and pitch bending machines from Ableton's official website. 


Visit site - A great offering of quality drum samples and racks for Ableton Live.

EDM Production Subreddit

Visit site - There is a plethora of quality samples in this subreddit, including free music production resources and tutorials from experienced producers and musicians. 

Wavy Audio

Visit site - A nice collection of completely free sounds, often updated weekly but possibly on a monthly basis now.

Beatport's Free Stuff

Visit site - A solid collection of quality samples, sounds, kits, MIDI files, and patches for popular synthesizers. 

Free Lobhob Sample Packs

Below is an updated list of homemade samples packs and foley. They are recorded with a weathered 90s yamaha mic but offer a fairly decent sound for anyone looking to mess around. The conga pack is also chopped into hits & patterns at various bpms, allowing you to quickly throw them in a drum rack or audio channel.

Foley Pack 1 - Backscratchers to Scotch Tape!

Free download 

Conga, Quinto, Pandero, Tamb, Tamborim, and Turkish Tambourine Hits & Patterns!

Free download